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Song Background

“Ceremony” was written around the time of my initial Shamanic Medicine Ceremony experiences. It is a prayer of sorts, to connect with our ancestors and loved ones who may have passed on. During an early journey I felt my Grandmother come to me. She communicated in a language beyond words in the realm of feelings. She started by assuring me that no matter what I was dealing with there was an unconditional Love holding all of us and that we were always safe. She then went on to explain the dynamics of our family lessons, evolving like a scroll that gets unfolded over time. As we heal here in this plane, our ancestors heal where they are and the cycle of our growth ascends over time..

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Here are some of the other lessons that were conveyed to me in those first few months of being initiated into Shamanic Ceremonies...

You can never be alone. You are held by a force much greater and more powerful than anything we can comprehend. Having a heavy heart is actually a good thing. It means your heart is working. Be way more concerned if you are numb and just didn’t care.

Whatever you’re going through is always an opportunity. That may be hard to hear when you’re faced with something extreme. On some level you higher self created this situation cause it wants you to grow. Try and believe you will come to a much stronger and healthier place when you emerge, even If you leave this plane.

In some cultures those who exhibited bipolar or schizophrenic tendencies were considered the wise ones of the society – closest to the spiritual forces and made leaders. So be gentle on yourself. Don’t let yourself be labeled as crazy or out there by you or anyone else. Maybe there is not as much wrong with you as you might think. Maybe actually there is a lot right about you and you are being given a chance to rediscover it….


So have you ever felt connected to something beyond yourself? Maybe a someones who’s passed, a relative or a friend? How about a sense of peace and belonging in a rare moment of clarity and connection? Feel free to share impressions of the song or your personal experiences below.

Thanks for Listening!
-John Zay

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