“She Waits” Exclusive First Look

Song Background

'She Waits' was inspired by the book “King, Warrior, Magician, Lover”. It’s about the lack of Masculine Initiation Ceremonies in our modern culture. In the book a story is told about a young man in an indigenous tribe having a keen interest in a young woman. The tribal elder shaman takes notice and prepares a rite of passage into manhood to get the boy ready for his responsibilities as a father and a man. The “She’ in ‘She Waits’ is Mother Earth: the testing ground where his initiation will take place to become a Strong and Compassionate leader by letting go of his boyish Bravado and Narcissism.

Musically the song came together really quickly. I came up with this Sequencer riff and intro beat playing around on the computer one night and it felt powerful. Within days a whole song emerged right around it. 90% of the lyrics came from a walk to the grocery store into my phone as if I was channeling it. It was a lot of fun to record…

The Video

“She Waits” came together quickly not only musically but with a video by my friend and Director Alex Engel who produced my earlier video for ‘Shadows’. I recently visited Alex in Mexico and he had an awesome concept using a drone camera for 1 extended shot. Alex lives outside San Miguel de Allende on the countryside. We scouted a few locations and tried a few shots until the perfect spot appeared to us on a hike. So just few weeks after writing the song the video came together in one day - also unplanned!

The video link above is unlisted. I may still work on the track before officially releasing it. Since "She Waits" is so new I'd love to hear your feedback on the song and the video! Also feel free to be one of the first to leave a comment below…

Thanks for going on this Music Journey With Me!

  • Literally mesmerized by the cinematography & the music on “She Waits” The tree crystallizes into focus the camera pans in as you start realizing what the song is about, and WHO is waiting for us to grow into our own, and HOW patiently! I loved this song, John! It seeps under the armor and cracks it open alongside the hero’s journey in it.

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