We Are The People

Song Background

Studio Version

When I got to Hamburg my buddy Rico played the song “We Are the People” at our gigs. I never heard it before and thought it was really cool, especially his arrangement. I hoped he wrote it but he told me it was by Empire of the Sun and was a huge hit throughout Europe. I guess it wasn't as big in the States, or I was just oblivious (probably that) so it didn't reach me. We wound up playing it at all of our live gigs but in a rock style - the original is more electronic. I eventually talked the guys into recording it to put on Rico's album but he wound up deciding not to. I loved the song so much I had to make my own version. 

Video Version

After I left Germany I chose to spend the last 6 months of my Artist Visa in Sagres, Portugal. It was there that I laid down the overdubs the framework for my version of “We Are The People”. I wanted to do something different so an idea struck. Sagres was so beautiful that I thought it would be cool to record outside and be inspired by the nature around me. So with a not so great video camera and my laptop I set up outside. Utilizing different locations right by the ocean I filmed myself recording the overdubs for the song. The video shows the whole process. For the final studio version above I kept the lead and backing vocals and the acoustic & lead guitars from that outdoor session. I then shortened the song a bit, added some keyboards, more guitars and vocals later on. Enjoy....!

"We Are the People" appears as a bonus track on my album "Shadows". And as always feel free to leave our thoughts below...

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